101 Things I Like

101 of the things that I like that make me happy!


First off, I don’t claim this post idea as my own; I’ve seen two other people post it. There’s probably more posts about this but I don’t know who the creator of this idea is, but it certainly isn’t me. I did see this first on Paul, The Captain’s Speech’s blog. Thanks for the idea, Paul!

Another thing – I know I haven’t posted anything in a while. Mainly through lack of motivation to post, but I’m back with lots of fresh ideas, all of which I’m really excited about.

1. 90’s horror films

2. White chocolate

3. Dan Brown books

4. Stories of unsolved mysteries

5. Pre-owned jewellery

6. Glass ornaments

7. The smell of roses

8. Tinsel

9. The music of Alanis Morissette

10. Finding new music I like

11. Old photographs

12. Waterfalls

13. That nostalgic feeling you get when you visit a place you haven’t been to since you were a child and all the memories come flooding back.

14. Gemstones

15. Vinyl records

16. Making babies laugh

17. Making my parents laugh

18. Cherry flavoured foods and drinks… but not actual cherries

19. Metallic colours

20. Daffodils

21. White painted walls

22. Being home alone

23. Visiting places I’ve never been before

24. Cherry blossom trees

25. Cracking my knuckles

26. Seeing my mum pull up into the driveway

27. Being tagged in funny posts on Facebook

28. Talking to my friends in group chats

29. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

30. Oversized clothes

31. Visiting London

32. The work of Marina Abramović

33. Family meals

34. The art of Kintsugi

35. Waiting outside concerts for the singers to come out to their tour buses

36. Pizza

37. Firework shows

38. Garden centres

39. October

40. Chipmunks

41. Walking home in Summer

42. Getting a really good blog post idea (INCEPTION)

43. The little rainbow that appears on the wall when a sliver of sunlight shines through the window

44. Spring weather

45. Kind strangers

46. Grunge looks (REAL grunge, like Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain)

47. Singing my favourite songs

48. Whistling the whistle from Kill Bill

49. When my hair doesn’t curl at the front

50. Aftershave

51. Coin collecting

52. Old books

53. Buying gifts for family and friends

54. The confidence you get when you dress nice

55. Hand sanitiser

56. Souvenirs

57. That moment in summer when the sun is setting and you’re out with a person/ people you truly love. Everything is yellow and orange and you truly feel happy. Just for a moment

58. When you know you’ve done well in an exam

59. When you find out you’ve done really well in an exam

60. Proving people wrong

61. Proving people right

62. Making new friends

63. Being alone, but not lonely

64. Old books

65. The rain hitting the windows at night

66. Not checking my phone for hours

67. Retail sales

68. Stephen King books

69. The video of Adele going undercover as an Adele tribute act

70. Waiting for someone to arrive at their surprise party

71. Quizzes

72. Revising/ studying (genuinely)

73. Lana Del Rey

74. Scented candles

75. Female rappers

76. Real feminism. Equality of the sexes, races and genders

77. Learning about where certain words come from

78. Autobiographies

79. Planning trips

80. Silence

81. Getting work done

82. Shopping (of course)

83. Gherkins

84. Learning about art

85. Watching interviews

86. Reality TV

87. Decorating

88. Music with teeth. Courtney Love, for example

89. Board games

90. Seeing my grandparents

91. Blue hydrangeas

92. Mornings

93. Nighttime

94. My music taste (My Top 10 Favourite Albums Ever)

95. Comedy TV shows

96. Hot chocolate

97. Dry shampoo (I can’t be the only one)

98. The colour combination blue and orange

99. Memories. In the form of objects or thoughts

100. Making long blog posts

101. Ending long blog posts



Please let me know in the comments section if you also like some of these things and let me know of some of the things you like!

Time Travelling

Who knew that some spring cleaning could teach you so much about your hometown…

When I was applying for university in early 2016, I sort of made an agreement with my mum that I’d stay at home as long as we did a loft conversion for me to live in. I was unsure about having to stay in accommodation and so was my mum. My dad didn’t really mind what I did, as long as I was happy. We all thought this was a happy medium.

A couple of months later, we properly got the ball moving. The whole family got involved and we emptied our loft. Fifteen years worth of clutter. Everything was being moved from my house to my auntie’s house until the conversion is complete. Whilst there, everything can be sifted through and then put back into our loft space. Still following me? Good.

Jumping forward to the present day and the loft conversion is about ninety percent complete, so my auntie and I begin the arduous task of going through all of our belongings with a fine tooth comb, organising everything in boxes ready to be put back in the soon-to-be completed loft space.

This sounds like an everyday, monotonous task that people just have to do in their lives. But it was definitely not.

The things we found would definitely not be seen as your everyday clutter.

Before I continue, bear in mind that literally everything was bagged prior to us moving any items so we had no idea of what was stowed away up in our loft. We just moved it.

Probably the most interesting item we found did not actually belong to us. Maybe interesting is not the best adjective. Sombre. Definitely sombre…

Incase you can’t tell by the photo, this is an infant gas mask. Now, when I saw this in an old plastic bag, my mum remembered finding it when we first moved into the house and forgot about it. It must have belonged to the previous owners.

The fact that this was found was not too surprising. My house is in Huyton, in Merseyside. After doing a bit of digging, I found out that during the Second World War, Huyton was home to three wartime camps: a prisoner-of-war camp, an internment camp (which is pretty much a concentration camp) and a base for American servicemen. It’s safe to say that this town was bleak enough, but on top of all of this, were the Blitz bombings. An estimated four thousand people were killed during these bombings in Liverpool alone. So, for houses in Huyton or anywhere in Merseyside to have gas masks is pretty normal. Albeit I didn’t think it was normal at first.

Judging by photos on the internet, it seemed that the parents would put on their own gas masks in the wake of an attack and would also but their entire baby into this much bigger gas mask.


Along with this mask, we found a soldier helmet dated 1939 and a police helmet with no date inside. The weight of these helmets… it’s astounding how anyone could have carried such weight on their heads for hours and hours on end.

We don’t actually know if the previous owners of the house ever had to use this gas mask or whether the man living there wore the helmet or was in the police. We have never spoken to the previous owners. All we know is that the ‘man of the house’ was named George. We know this because he signed his name and the date on the back of the bathroom door. July 1964. We really don’t know why he did that. We’ve never replaced the door for that reason.

The thought of my little house being a bomb site during the war is a really scary thought. Babies in gas masks. Prisoner of war and concentration camps just metres from my house. And I had no idea.

Questions That No One Asks

Since I’m new to the blogging world, I’ve been looking for some kind of activity that I could post to tell the world more about me. And of course, one of these quizzes came up. I can’t help but perpetuate the stereotype of the new blogger.

I recently came across one of those tumblr-esque quiz lists titled, “Questions That No One Asks,” and I’ve decided to take the best few and post them. Yes, it’s a bit 2012 of me, but I think it’ll be fun.

Hope you all find these interesting. Feel free to try them yourself and tell me how different you are!

1) Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? Well, here in Britain, we call it a wardrobe, but I do sleep with the doors closed. But I have watched so many horror films that it doesn’t really make a difference to me. As long as there isn’t enough room for someone to crawl in and hide.

2) Do you have any freckles? They pretty much came with the ginger hair.

3) What is your song of the week? ‘Violet’ by Hole. I’ve just watched ‘Jennifer’s Body’ for the first time, you see.

4) What movies could you watch over and over again and still love? I’ve watched both Mean Girls and Legally Blonde about 20 times. Sometimes I watch them both more than once a day. I still love them.

5) Is Christmas stressful? No I don’t think it is. I tend to buy presents around about September time. Some people say I’m weird but I always get people the best presents.

6) Do you believe in ghosts? I’m very spiritual and anyone who knows me knows that I do believe in ghosts, demons angels etc.

7) Who would you like to see in concert? If I don’t see Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love in concert before I die, then I won’t rest in peace.

8) Own a record player or any record albums? Yes, I have a record player and I have around twenty records of some of my favourite albums.

9) What is your usual bedtime? I used to have an amazing sleeping pattern but now my bedtime is around 1am-2am.

10) How many languages can you speak? English is one, obviously. But I am learning French.

11) Do you regularly burn incense? I used to, a lot, but now I have a Muji vaporiser diffuser thingy which I love to use.

12) Can you swim well? I mean, if I was dropped in the middle of water, yes I could swim back to land or wherever.

13) Do you take the shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? Of course I do. If you say you don’t, you’re lying!

14) When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween? I’ve been Peter Pan, a vampire, a zombie, Ghostface… The list goes on and on and is none exhaustive; I still dress up at eighteen years of age.

15) Do you chew your pens and pencils? NO! I don’t and I don’t understand why people do it! There’s nothing worse than asking to borrow a pen and someone hands you a half-eaten one.

Thanks for reading!

How Do I Write One Of These?

Nothing can quite compare to the mentally draining task of beginning a piece of writing such as this. To make matters worse, this is my first post; the beginning of the beginning. Do I start with the obligatory, relatable rhetorical question that heightens the interest of the reader? How formal should I be? Am I interesting? This is proving to be much more difficult than initially anticipated.

Now, let’s make my first blog post sound less like an advice letter on how to write a blog post (which no doubt would go down a treat on here). To start, I would like to first mention my inspiration for starting a blog and some information about me. Well, my name is Anthony, I’m 18 years old and I’m also a future English student at the University of Liverpool, starting in September 2017. I did start University this year as a law student, but after months of gruelling contemplation, I decided to pursue my real passion – English. Ever since my primary school days, I was obsessed with writing. I even took it as far as using my indoor play-time to write poems and short stories. It’s safe to say  I wasn’t the most interesting child at my school. Now, because I changed my university course so late in the first semester, I have to wait until next year to start English. So I’m now at the beginning of an unexpected gap year.


The mind does not wander when thinking of things to do on a gap year that prepares someone for an English degree and a subsequent career in the vast field that surrounds English. I already have a inconclusive reading list of classics, such as, ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ and, ‘Animal Farm’ and I am aiming to discover some helpful textbooks on beginning degree-level English. I also read online about starting a blog; it bodes well for writers in the future and enables you to get familiar with this genre of writing. I also read that the best type of blogs are travel blogs. From the travel writing I analysed during A Level English Language and Literature, I knew that no ordinary two-day city break would be seen as interesting enough to require an entire blow-by-blow daily diary entry. So I thought to myself, why not go on a proper trip. We’re not talking the extreme – there will be no living out of a backpack in the middle of the South America. At this moment in time, the plans I have for travel in 2017 before I embark on my real adventure, studying English at university, is flying to Paris for a few days, seeing everything I possibly can, absorbing all the culture and life of the French capital like a sponge. From this point on, I will drive through the countryside of France and into Belgium and then eventually coming to a stop in Amsterdam. Although these plans will most likely be altered, I am looking forward to documenting my experiences along the way.

Until I embark on my trip, I thought I could post about other things that interest me. These posts will probably be about art I am fascinated by, whether that be paintings, literature or film, or about my everyday experiences of life that I can share and document here.

Well, I think that’s all I have to say for my little introduction. Here’s to many more posts in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks for reading!

Anthony Marshall